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Java Platform

All platforms contain a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and an Application Programming Interface (API). The JVM is a program which responsible for the running of the software which using Java technology. The API is a collection of software components that you can use to create other applications or software components. So if you write a program for a specific platform it can always run on any compatible system.

Different Java Platforms:

  • Java SE (Standart Editon)
    When the most people think about Java they usually thinking about the Java Standart Edition API. It provides the core functionality of the Java language. It defines everything from the basic types to the high-level classes that you can use for several complicated scenarios like database access, security, and networking.
  • Java EE (Enterprise Edition)
    A Java platform which is built on the top of the Java SE platform. Java EE platform provides an API and runtime environment for developing and running large-scale, multi-thread business applications.
  • Java ME(Micro Edition)
    Java ME platform provides a mobile API and a small Virtual Machine to run Java applications on small devices like mobile phones. The API is the subset of the Java SE API.
  • JavaFX
    JavaFX is a platform to create client applications easily. JavaFX applications use hardware-accelerated graphics and media engines to take advantage of higher performance clients. JavaFX applications may be clients of Java EE platform services.


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